About our nursery


The nursery operates a ‘free flow’ system with the children being encouraged to move purposefully and freely between rooms and the outside area. 

We provide a variety of learning opportunities throughout the nursery encompassing The Revised Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum through first hand and direct experiences.

Our natural environment and in the moment planning support children development to learn using different natural materials.


Our Curiosity approach Ethos stimulates the children to engage in discussions as they investigate different media or pursue their own interests on their journey of discovery and learning.

Nursery School

Experienced team

Our experienced team ensure that each child’s development is carefully monitored, and then appropriate activities are planned to meet individual need to meet their developmental milestones.

The open and free flow plan promotes a smooth transition for the children when they move up from one room to the other as they are already familiar with the surroundings.

The Children enjoy the earliest opportunities to explore, discover and collaborate with each other in line with our ethos, as they learn to take responsibility for themselves and others in the safest of hands.


Endless Access to The Great Outdoors

The Nursery offers both indoor and outdoor play on a daily basis, providing the children with essential play opportunities to learn from. 

All our environments offer outdoor learning with endless play whether on bikes, growing vegetables, building core muscles on a range of outdoor equipment/climbing frames, sand and water play etc.

Every age group has their own indoor play space with activities suitable for their development.

We have access to the natural spaces enabling our staff team to educate the children about our natural world. Walks to the local woods are frequent as are visits to local parks and further afield subject to parental consent using our own minibuses.