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Golden Apples Introduction

Our nursery is led by a team of qualified staff specialising in early years and child development who recognise the important landmarks and will work in partnership with you to care and provide a positive, individual, fun filled learning experience for your child.

Here at Golden Apples Nursery we are committed to creating a friendly and secure environment for every child to thrive and achieve the best possible outcome. Golden Apples Nursery is all about happy children, where a range of learning experiences provided mean that children are engaged, enthusiastic, imaginative and curious to find out more, as they develop a love of learning and exploring.

We are proud of our Ofsted Rating as Good, and we are working towards achieving an Outstanding rating by continuing to provide a Safe, Secure, well led and Educationally rich environment for the children to maximise their full potential.

We recognise and value the important role you play as a parent or carer, the team at Golden Apples extends their invitation to you to feel part of your child’s education and be as involved as possible with their learning.

We hope to build a positive partnership with you and there will be lots of opportunities throughout the year for you to meet the nursery team and plan events together for you to attend and support your child.

All parents are very welcome to visit us at any time, your comments and questions are valuable to us, we look forward to working with you and your child at the start of their learning journey.


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