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Nurseries News Round-Up – Week 75

Your weekly round-up of news from around our wonderful Golden Apples Family nurseries is here!


Halesworth Day Nursery, Halesworth

Last week we learnt about Remembrance Day. Each room explored different poppy-themed activities – the Sloth Room explored the different textures of rice and sand.

The Meerkat Room explored the poppy rice and practised their emptying and filling, while the Lemur room explored lots of messy play.

They also watched the CBeebies animation which we have linked below:


The Beacon, Rendlesham

In our themed tuff tray we had an animal safari!

The children enjoyed crushing the cereal beneath the animals’ feet and singing the songs from our favourite book – The Animal Boogie.


The children enjoyed getting mucky on the farm! We counted the animals, paired them up and did mark-making in the cocoa powder.

We learnt about the animals and how to say their names in other languages too, including Latvian!


The Appletree, Attleborough

This week the children at Appletree have had lots of fun baking! They really enjoyed making biscuits with Chloe.

The children started by washing their hands thoroughly – then they helped mix self-raising flour, caster sugar, butter and vanilla extract in a bowl.

We made a lovely soft dough, rolled it out and used cutters to make our biscuit shapes.

The children absolutely loved doing this activity. It really helps to build those vital early social skills by helping each other and taking turns, and enhancing those gross motor skills when the children used their arms to roll the rolling pin and push with their hands into the biscuit cutter.

The children took their yummy creations home to share – you can find the recipe here if you would like to try it at home:


The Cornerstone, Martlesham

The Pre-Schoolers designed their colourful firework pictures using cut-out tubs and lots of different paints and glitters.


Head Start, Ramsey

This week we have talked about Remembrance Day and poppies with the children to give them a bit of an understanding of what poppies represent.

The children have explored re-enactments using tanks, horses and soldiers, made poppies out of play dough, designed their own poppies and iced poppy biscuits, and created their own poppy pictures.

We then watched a short animation clip from the CBeebies Website, that sees war as experienced by animals in a WWI battlefield. Which can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer.

We also talked about Diwali – the festival of light.

Diwali is a major festival celebrating the triumph of light over darkness and the start of new beginnings for millions of people of the Hindu, Sikh and Jain faiths.


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