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The Penguins
0 months - 2 years

These sparkling little jewels are simply irresistible. There is abundance of fun, togetherness as the children learn the value of team work as they navigate the different developmental stages.  

Our little wonders know the power of staying connected to each other in negotiating different new obstacles in their world as they learn endurance and resilience to have the determination to keep going, knowing that there is always something good waiting when we never give up!

Our amazing, elegant, babies are simply enchanting, and a joy to all!

The Peacocks
2-3 years

 This is the most admired developmental stage as the children start emerging to show their true personality, with integrity and beauty.

At this stage all the children start to be self-confident, focused and love to be the centre of attention and our teams continue to  nurture with love and kindness to enable the children to start realise their full potential.

The Pelicans
3-5 years

As the children at this stage are getting ready for big school, they are taught the importance of community and teamwork. They are shown that we should be putting our focus on collective effort rather than being individualistic all the time – at least when it matters.

Children learn to work peacefully with others to achieve a common goal and are encouraged to soar and reach new heights. No matter the obstacle, if you remain focused and resilient you will still find your way.

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